• David Purcell

    CJ has no idea what he is doing. Check engine light came on 3 weeks after i bought the car. Needed a new water pump. Then all 4 new tires. Then all new spark plugs and wires . Then had to get the heater fixed. Now a head gasket blew and need a new engine. Talk about a lemon. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

  • Quania Crowley

    Everyone was helpful and honest. They kept their word and they definitely have great customer service. I love my truck!

  • William Purnell

    I had a great experience with Jason and Alex when buying my vehicle, I highly recommended Philly Auto Group to purchase your vehicle....

  • Carol Kawira

    Cj and Jason were the best- they got me in and out of there in no time - thanks guys really professional


    I’ve Bought many cars in my life (being 92 years old ). CJ made it the best Car Buying Experience in My Life. Thanks again for everything! Philly Auto Group the greatest!!!!